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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lil Cowboys

I had a fun photoshoot with some little cowboys... Gage, Waylon & Hayze. Gage is my best friend Emily's son and of course Hayze and Waylon are mine! I love taking photos of kids! They are just so cute and are usually always willing to play make believe with me. This time we played cowboys and indians. We had a lot of fun and got some wonderful photos too!

Gage - He's such a character!!

Gage & Waylon          -          I Love this one!

My little Waylon
 I couldn't decide between the sepia color or the full color... I loved them both. What do you think?

My Handsome Hayze

Monday, September 6, 2010

King Family Photo Shoot

This was a 9am shoot up Spanish Fork canyon I did for a family I grew up with since jr high. They were soo fun to work with! I was honored to take all of their photos... We did the entire group and the individual families, couples, individuals... you name it. After the shoot everyone had lunch together and all the kids played. No better way to spend a Sunday morning!


These next 2 photos are just some fun examples of color variations I came up with in photoshop...
There will be many more fun & different photoshopped images. The possibilities are endless!
All the photos I edit & burn to discs are edited in photoshop, usually all the photos need is a little color boost to brighten up the photo and make it look flawless.

This photos color was brightened and the contrast played with, and one or two other photoshop secrets to make the colors look amazing.

This photos color was also brightened and then I ran one of my actions on it to give it a fun sort of aged look. I especially like this look on Western type photos but it works well on portraits too!