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Friday, October 28, 2011

Taytum's Beautiful Photoshoot

I am still editing these images but they are soo cute I couldn't help posting a few right away. I have that problem every now and then!
This is my soon-to-be step-daughter... Isn't she a doll - with all that hair!
She was a great little model for me that day! Took direction great and is definitly a natural... Going to give the models in the future a run for their money.

My babies

These are my boys!
I know, I know... They are adorable! So very Handsome! Gotta love these little faces!
They are very photogenic - and for the most part they will usually let me snap a few pics of them when ever I want. What more could a photographer mom ask for?! Here are a few of the shots they let me take!

Sweet Savannah

This is my soon-to-be niece. Isn't she a doll!!? And she is such a great little model.
She did soo good for our little photoshoot. I am so happy with her photos. I am not quite done editing them all but I just couldn't wait I love these images so much I had to post a few!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prom Photoshoot

I just love the industrial background with all these fancy dresses and tuxes! It was a fun shoot with all these gals and guys... The weather was not perfect but we managed to fit some great photos in before the rain really started to come down on us. The wind that came and went throughout the shoot actually made for some great shots of the dresses blowing in the breeze... Such a fun shoot!

Thanks for letting me be a part of all this fun!