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What To Know & Wear

Q:What do I wear to my session?
A: Well, I say…What do you like? Be You. I like kids with things that they love, even though I am not BIG into lots of props, some times it really adds to the image. I love bright colors! They make you stand out in the photo. Bring along your favorite hoodie, sweater or colored t-shirt.  Don't go for boring with the basic black and white.  Remember to go for Bold.  cause there is so much out there to play with.  Try a range of colors.  Don't think that your jacket color has to match your pants or even your shirt.  Be bold and play around with deep reds, burnt oranges, bold blues and leaf greens.  Get some chunky jewelry and throw in a scarf and your shots will rock!

Couples shouldn't be too Matchy-matchy but do try to be along the same color scheme. Families can do the same.

Some suggestions might be: button up boys shirts, newsboy hats, cargo shorts, girls tutu’s, bright striped or polka dot leggings, rain boots, etc.  For couples and seniors I love that little ‘pop’ of color: bright red high heels, scarfs, etc…Layers are great! They also work well so you can take off some layers and have many different style options.
If you need ideas don’t hesitate to  call, but the point is to bring out  you!

Q: Where will we go for my session?
A: It all depends on what kind of a look you want. Most times I go for a very “urban” or “grunge” look. I have quite a few different locations I like to use and am open to suggestions you might have also. Just call me and let me know what kind of a look you have in mind and we can find somewhere that is perfect for you.

Q: I am pregnant and want a session for my baby, When should I schedule it?
A: Newborn babies are best photographed  from birth to 10 days old. I like them in this window . They are still in that sleepy / pliable stage. After the 10 days they become more restless and harder to work with. Also, all newborn sessions come with a custom designed birth announcement that you have the option of ordering and sending out. Also keep in mind I love to photograph my babies with minimal clothing . Bare bums and diapers are best.
I understand the part of “not quite knowing” an exact day but we can figure up a round about time  that I can set aside for you.

If you have any other questions about a session or anything else, I would love to hear it.  Feel free to call 801-822-1516 or email